Item #13450 IT'S UP TO OURSELVES: A Mother, A Daughter, and Gurdjieff. Jessmin and Dushka Howarth.

IT'S UP TO OURSELVES: A Mother, A Daughter, and Gurdjieff

New York: Gurdjieff Heritage Society, 2009. First edition. Over 950 illustrations, 511 pages. Item #13450

Hardbound in printed paper covered boards; New condition.

IT'S UP TO OURSELVES: A Mother, a Daughter and Gurdjieff is filled with unusual personal eye-witness accounts and over 950 photos of Gurdjieff and his intimates, many of which are first published here. It takes the reader from when the de Salzmann's joined Gurdjieff in Tiflis in 1919, to his death in 1949 and through the continuing development of the Work up to the present day. This remarkable mother/daughter memoir describes their personal relationship with Gurdjieff, through which we see his largest aim - the proliferation of his Work worldwide.

Jessmin on the Movements: "We realize in Movements that we rarely awaken to our life - inner and outer. We see that we always react in a habitual and conditioned way; we become aware that our three main centres, head, body, feeling rarely work together or in harmony; we begin to try to move always intentionally, not mechanically. And we discover in ourselves many hitherto unexpected possibilities; we find that one can collect one's attention, that one can be 'awake' at times and have an overall sensation of oneself. That quietness of mind, an awareness of body and an interest of feeling can be brought together and that this results in a more complete state of attentiveness in which the life force is freed and one is sensitive and open to higher influences. Thus, one has a taste of how life could be lived."

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